Rainbow Obsidian and Labradorite Macrame Necklace | Double Pendant | Micro-Macrame




I am really proud of this new design. Be prepared to get stopped by people wanting to compliment you on this necklace! The double pendant is simply stunning.

The beautiful rainbow obsidian and labradorite is delicately netted (yet strong), and accented with tourmaline and brass beads. The back is an adjustable cord that can fit both men and women.

This is a special macrame technique I learned while living in the Himalayas.
There are no drilled holes in the pendant and absolutely no glue used. We use knot tension (macrame) to hold the pendant strongly in place so you can see both the front and the back of the piece!!
What results, is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind look, for you to cherish forever.

• Powerful Truth Stone
~Impels and Supports Growth
~Heals Trauma
~Shields Against Negativity
~Vitalizes Soul Purpose
~Stimulates Growth on All Levels
~Expands Consciousness
~Promotes Compassion & Strength
~Gently Cuts the Cord of Old Love
~Replenishes the Heart Energy
~Draws off Stress from the Body

• Stone of Transformation
~Raises the Consciousness
~Deflects unwanted energies
~Provides insight to one’s destiny
~Stimulates intuition & psychic gifts
~Banishes fear & insecurities
~Removes other peoples projections
~Stimulates the imagination
~Prepares body & soul for ascension

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