Abalone Macrame Necklace | Vessel for Cleansing Seashell




This beautiful abalone is delicately netted (yet strong!); and accented with pearl, amethyst, garnet, and sterling silver beads. The clasp is made of agate. Intricate knotting make up the chain.

We learned this special macrame technique while living in the Himalayas – it is an ancient way that monks bind healing stones!
There are no drilled holes in the pendant and absolutely no glue used. We use knot tension (macrame) to hold the pendant strongly in place so you can see both the front and the back of the piece!!
What results, is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind look, for you to cherish forever.

“Vessel for Cleansing”

~Gently clears fear, sorrow, and negative emotions
~Promotes Imagination
~Calms Emotions
~Promotes Cooperation
~Brings Prosperity
~Stimulates psychic ability

Chain Length: 18″

• All necklaces come with a written description of the stone’s attributes!

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